Womb Awakening & Healing Workshop

Restore the heart-womb connection & tap into your inner-knowing

  • 7 hours
  • 500 Malaysian ringgits
  • Online Class

Class Description

In this workshop, you will learn: 🌹 The importance of connecting with the womb space 🌹 How to activate the sacral chakra & womb space 🌹 How to heal the balance the sacral & chakra womb space 🌹 How to clear your womb space from negative imprints & chords 🌹 How to use your womb for manifestation & intuition Why is it important to connect with your womb space? 1. To clear negative imprints from sexual trauma, imprints from previous sexual partners, miscarriages, abortions, womb related illnesses and disconnection from yourself. 2. To connect to the divine feminine consciousness which is essentially doing the shadow work - The parts of us that are unhealed, rejected, and unloved. By doing womb work you are healing not only your trauma and pain and your lineage but also the collective feminine consciousness. Essentially you are breaking the cycle of trauma. 3. The womb is a creative vessel. When u talk about manifestations, vision boards, visualizations to reach your goals it's actually referring to womb work. That's the vessel we unconsciously use to attract what we want. Besides the miracle of creating another human, it is where you are able to manifest your goals and dreams when used correctly. 4. Women are very intuitive by nature. It is actually the inner knowing originating from the womb space. We will be working on establishing and solidifying this connection also during the workshop.

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