Warrior One


Discover a variety of wellness classes & workshops being offered by dedicated teachers catering to different needs and preferences

  • Classes conducted starts from intermediate to advance level.

    Offered Daily1 hr
    18 Malaysian ringgits
  • Suitable for all levels

    Wed1 hr 30 min
    30 Malaysian ringgits
  • A 75-minute class to raise your vibration and energise your day

    Mon, Tue, Thu1 hr 15 min
    40 Malaysian ringgits
  • Bringing back your child-like spirit through yoga

    Wed45 min
    20 Malaysian ringgits
  • Experience a quick shift in energy before you start your day

    Thu30 min
    30 Malaysian ringgits
  • Suitable for all levels

    Fri, Sun1 hr 15 min
    By Donation