Inner Work Facilitator

Anushya’s journey with inner work and self-transformation began in 2013 and since then she has been studying and researching tools and techniques on self-transformation.

She founded Heartmind Alignment in 2019, a company formed with the intention to help others get in touch with their highest potentials through personal coaching, hypnotherapy and energy healing.

Since 2018, Anushya has helped over 100 clients increase their awareness and understanding of their own mental and emotional blockages. Her mission is simple: to help others embrace the best version of themselves, by accessing and increasing their own awareness and subconscious minds. She does this by providing the necessary tools and information for others to align to their highest possible potentials.

Anushya is a certified NLP Practitioner and hypnotherapist. She is also a Reiki Master Practitioner. She is currently completing a course in neuroscience with HarvardX and training to be a Family Constellation therapist. Her professional qualifications guide her work with clients in addressing mental and emotional blockages, allowing them to connect with their authentic selves through various modalities.

Through her self-developed programme, The Alignment Series, she has worked with many clients, guiding them to reinvent themselves using both esoteric and neuroscience knowledge. The Alignment Series which is a 12 week course was carefully designed and developed over a period of 3 years by Anushya to suit specific individual needs.

She also works with universities, organisations and corporate institutions on educating and increasing awareness on how the mind and subconscious mind works and how to use it intentionally through workshops and talks.